Words of Wisdom

Thanks to the Urban Family (ie the bloggers who I secretly want to be my best friends) and Carolyn Hax (the world's best advice columnist) for these exceptional words of wisdom. I was browsing through some archived Urban Family adventures and came across this - obviously, I need to share it:

"You don't have to sleep with him, even if you decide to go out with him. You don't have to agree with your friends just because they're your friends, and you don't have to stop being their friend just because you disagree. You don't have to like any guy just because he likes you. You don't have to apologize for not doing any of these things. And if I've missed something, you don't have to do that either."

Does this mean I don't have to come to work if I don't feel like it and I don't need to apologize for it?


Questions from the Weekend

My friend Nicki made the trip to DC from Miami this weekend so that we could enjoy some time together, continue our quest to prematurely destroy our livers and compete to see who could make a bigger fool of themselves in front of a large group of people (fortunately, this competition never came to fruition, as we were relatively calm for the majority of the weekend). But, as always, our adventures have left me with some questions that I would like to pose to all of you:

1)Is this humidity here for good? Seriously? I am already melting and its not even June!

2)If a bartender gives you a shot of Makers Mark - even a watered down version - are you required to take said shot? If you don't take it, are you rude? And if you do take it - hypothetically, of course - are you still allowed to proclaim your hatred of all alcohol that is brown?

3)I'm rather concerned about my picture-taking abilities. They are on a steady decline. Granted, this could be b/c I tend to take most of my pictures when I've had 3 + vodka drinks and am having trouble staying up on my wedge heels, but the skills are on a decline nonetheless. So, even if these pictures are of questionable (and even poor, in some instances) quality and may potentially embarrass my friends, should I still post them on Ofoto for all to see?

4)Should I abandon my "say no to nothing" plan, since I haven't come in to work on a Monday (or Tuesday in the case of this week) without puffy eyes, severe dehydration and haze settled over my brain functions in the past 4 weeks?

5)Why are girls so bitchy? We're in our mid-to-late-twenties. One would think we would have figured out by now that its more to our advantage to be nice, even if its fake. So who are these girls who continue to be mean, spiteful, and overly immature/crazy? Please note: The girl I am referring to is not even cute.

6)If there is a dance-off taking place in front of you, ala Britney and Justin circa 2004, is it acceptable to take a photo of it?

7)If a guy asks you to go to Cairo with him, do you give him your number simply b/c his pickup line was one of the best you've heard in a long while?

8)Why do I always go to Sephora and spend at least $50.00 more than my absolute maximum spending limit? Do I really need my 734th eyeshadow and ANOTHER makeup brush? I think yes, but if someone could validate, that would be great.

9)Seriously - is the humidity here to stay???

10)When a man tries to get you to go swimming with him in the National Monument Reflecting Pool, how long do you continue to be polite before running as fast as you can to escape?? (Note to parents: This DID NOT happen to me).

11)Who are these people that wear the sweatbands around their wrists? To the bar? Trust me, I understand that its hot. But you are in an air conditioned bar at 11 o'clock at night. Its not humid. Its not hot. And you look like an idiot. And stop talking to me and my friends. We don't like you.


Top 10 List - Reasons for Excitement to Move to Spokane

Get used to the numbered posts....there will be a lot of them.

10. Have you ever gone to work and just sat there all day long in near silence? No one fun in the office to chat with, no challenging assigments to complete, not even a ringing telephone? That's my day today. Except, for me, its been like this every day for the past 3 weeks. I've become so accustomed to the silence and lack of productive work to be done that I'm considering not coming in to work on Tuesday and seeing if anyone notices. At least in Spokane, the silence can be productive - library or studying or something as equally geeky.

9. Metro. While I am a huge fan of public transportation, some days I'm just not feelin' it. Like today. As a rule, the metro is almost always near empty on Fridays - its seems that no one in this city actually works on Friday. Today is the Friday before a holiday weekend, so one would assume that the trains would be completely empty. And I look forward to this - I can get a seat, read my Washington Post Express, and listen to my iPod without getting the evil eye from some 75 year old crankypants who doesn't even understand what an iPod is, they just know that there seems to be noise coming out of your ears. But I digress.....When I arrived at the Eastern Market metro station this morning, the platform was packed. When the train arrived, it was packed. And not only was it packed, but it was hot. Which brings me to the next point.....

8. Humidity. I am sure in the time leading up to the move, you will hear a lot about my hatred of this awful weather phenomenon that torments the east coast during the summer months. But its not summer. Its spring. And when I woke up this morning, it was not springlike with a crisp, gentle breeze and mid-50's temperatures. Oh no no no - it was humid and I swear that b/c my window was open, even my walls were sweating. My first indication of the horrid weather should have been when, at 3am, I awoke to feel my face and neck drenched in sweat. I am so unprepared for the humidity - seeing as how its NOT SUMMER YET - that I actually wondered if maybe I had contracted a manic drooling problem overnight and unleashed a flood of my saliva all over my face and neck. Sorry.

7. Boring lunches. When you work in an office that is absurdly quiet and where no one actually asks you to do any work and you've already sunk so low that you've alphabetized a stack of business cards sitting on your desk, sometimes the only part of the day you have to look forward to is lunchtime. Sometimes I go shopping or run down to CVS for lotion/toothpaste/novelty items that I don't need. Sometimes I just get lunch and read a magazine or the paper. Sometimes I meet Abbey or Gina or Selin. But despite what I do with my lunch hour, the constant here is that I am always bored with my lunch. I work in an area where there is very little to choose from in terms of restaurants and delis. And then, on a day like today when its humid, my options are even less b/c I do not want to go outside and parade around in a sweatfest. So, I went with my old standby - the deli downstairs, where all they serve are 4 types of sandwiches, 2 of which they are inevitably out of each day, and salads that I swear all taste like tuna.

6. Cute men. Enough said.

5. "Breaking News" whenever anything even remotely out-of-the-ordinary happens at the Capitol Complex and the subsequent road blocks that cause traffic jams that stretch all the way from the Capitol to the most Northwest corner of the city. I don't really have a remendy for this, it just annoys me. I'm sure if I lived anywhere other than here, I would freak out and worry about my friends. But when you live here, its just an inconvenience.

4. Available men who don't think working in DC is just an extension of college and fraternity parties.

3. No more long flights. I am not someone who minds flying. Its fine. I bring a book and I go to sleep and its all fine. But it just takes soooooooo long to get to anywhere other than Chicago or New York! When I go home, I have to plan a whole day off of work JUST for traveling!!! And we all know how I am - tired and dehydrated (from the cocktails) and cranky by the time my trip west is over. And, you know, I'm just not really patient.

2. The first question people ask me - and I, in turn, ask them - will no longer be some variation of "Where do you work?" The most popular varietal being "Who do you work for?" which is especially reserved for those who work on Capitol Hill. Because, you know, you can't actually engage someone in conversation before knowing 1)If you know who their boss is or 2)If you share political ideologies. God forbid a Democrat and a Republican who work for two people that no one has ever heard of actually speak to each other. I know I am just as guilty of this as everyone else, but its almost verbal diarrhea. No matter how much you don't want to ask, you ALWAYS DO! I'm looking forward to the day when someone says to me "What classes are you taking?" or "Which professor did you have for torts?" or "Its 3am, do you want to take a study break?"

1. A car. I know I said above that I really like public transportation, and I do. But I think that's really only because I've been forced to like it because I don't have a car. I think if I had a car, I would be much like Alison and just despise the metro because I know that I have a more comfortable, less hot, less crowded option available to me. And I can listen to my music without annoying the crankypants sitting next to me, avoid sweating through my clothes at 9am and check out all the hot, available men driving next to me.


Brandon Davis, The Kilbasa

In case you are not, in fact, a celebrity gossip whore like me, here is some good info on Brandon Davis, who he is, and why he looks like an overcooked kilbasa:


Thanks to one of my favorite celebrity-sighting websites, MollyGood, for this very informative post and picture.

Welcome to SpoKompton

Ok, so maybe I haven't moved to Spokane just yet. But in anticipation of the move, I have started this blog and am hopeful that I will find the time and energy to keep it regularly updated when I start school. I'm not going to tell you anything about myself, b/c I assume if you are reading this, you know me. I don't expect to become a Stephanie Klein-type sensation overnight. I'd like to give a special shout-out to the residents of Apartment 107 for encouraging me to start this blog and for brainstorming some fun blog title choices for me (standby for a list), and my roommate for voting on which one she liked best (it really is too bad that www.eatasandwich.com was gone....I would have liked to name my blog Nicole Ritchie Needs a Sandwich). In case you are curious, "SpoKompton" is the nickname - I've been told - for lovely Spokane, WA, where I will be starting law school in August. If you are worried that SpoKompton 90210 is the best we could come up with and that my creative juices aren't quite up to par, I'd like to share some of my other blog title choices with you:

SpoKompton Place
Spokompton (fill in zip code)
Oops I Crapped My Pants (and left my underwear on the floor at McDoalds)
The Scales of Justice
Brandon Davis Looks Like an Overcooked Kilbassa
Nicole Ritchie Needs a Sandwich
Maybe a reference to being Britters future divorce lawyer?
With honors

So you can see why I went with Spokompton 90210. All other titles were either 1) Lame (sorry, Blesus107); 2) Offended my friends (you know who you are) or; 3)Referred to random celebutantes whose name only celebrity gossip whores would recognize.

I hope you enjoy!