Welcome to SpoKompton

Ok, so maybe I haven't moved to Spokane just yet. But in anticipation of the move, I have started this blog and am hopeful that I will find the time and energy to keep it regularly updated when I start school. I'm not going to tell you anything about myself, b/c I assume if you are reading this, you know me. I don't expect to become a Stephanie Klein-type sensation overnight. I'd like to give a special shout-out to the residents of Apartment 107 for encouraging me to start this blog and for brainstorming some fun blog title choices for me (standby for a list), and my roommate for voting on which one she liked best (it really is too bad that www.eatasandwich.com was gone....I would have liked to name my blog Nicole Ritchie Needs a Sandwich). In case you are curious, "SpoKompton" is the nickname - I've been told - for lovely Spokane, WA, where I will be starting law school in August. If you are worried that SpoKompton 90210 is the best we could come up with and that my creative juices aren't quite up to par, I'd like to share some of my other blog title choices with you:

SpoKompton Place
Spokompton (fill in zip code)
Oops I Crapped My Pants (and left my underwear on the floor at McDoalds)
The Scales of Justice
Brandon Davis Looks Like an Overcooked Kilbassa
Nicole Ritchie Needs a Sandwich
Maybe a reference to being Britters future divorce lawyer?
With honors

So you can see why I went with Spokompton 90210. All other titles were either 1) Lame (sorry, Blesus107); 2) Offended my friends (you know who you are) or; 3)Referred to random celebutantes whose name only celebrity gossip whores would recognize.

I hope you enjoy!


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