Breaking News: Blesus To Be Stranded In Cabo With No Crash Pad......Developing

Washington, DC - Blesus 107 and his travel companion, The British Diva, departed Reagan National Airport this morning for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Travel plans included staying in a luxury condo owned by the co-worker of another friend, Bad Flyer, who was scheduled to be traveling with Blesus and The British Diva.

"It is with great sadness that I report that Bad Flyer has missed his flight to Cabo San Lucas," said Blesus, via cell phone communication. "It appears he thought his flight was departing from Baltimore-Washington International Airport, but was mistaken, as he was actually scheduled to depart from Reagan National Airport."

Spokespeople for Bad Flyer have not returned calls addressing why Bad Flyer would not double check his flight itinerary before traveling 40 miles to Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

National Airport is reporting full flights to the country of Mexico, no doubt a result of President Bush's sweeping immigration reforms and the government's efforts to send all illegal aliens back to their homeland.

"We have heard reports that Bad Flyer and our one other travel companion will not be able to board a flight to Mexico, specifically Cabo San Lucas, within the next 24 hours. This creates havoc and chaos for British Diva and myself, as we are without house keys to the luxury condo where we believed we would be staying."

Blesus and The British Diva, undeterred by this development and determined to cash in on their plane tickets, boarded their flight to Cabo San Lucas, despite the missing condo key and appropriate contact information.

An outside source, Turkish Delight, has reported that she did advise Blesus and The British Diva to find refuge in a $20 hostel.

"I don't really understand why they're freaking out. I mean, yeah it sucks to have made travel plans to Mexico with the expectation of staying in a luxury condo on the beach and then, through no fault of your own, actually end up staying in a dirty hostel, sleeping on the floor with no blankets and your luggage handcuffed to your body to prevent theft and having bugs crawl on you in the middle of the night and be without a shower or toilet that is not a hole in the ground. But its not like the beach isn't 15 miles from that hostel."

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