A Few Things...

Hi, yeah it's me, Blesus. I know, it's been a while but things have been quite busy. Just to keep everyone updated here goes:

1. I (clearly) made it back from Mehico. Thanks to Kelly's Pulitzer-quality reporting and overall journalistic prowess I'm sure most of you were fully apprised of the unfortunate situation in which I had been placed. As you know, I almost ended up being the equivalent of a Mehican street dog, roaming the alleys of Cabo San Lucas with my duffel bag and the neck of a broken tequila bottle which I could jab at anyone who got too close.

Due to the fact that our brilliant friends failed to show up at the correct airport and subsequently were not ensured a spot on any outgoing flights, "British Diva" and I had fully resolved ourselves to the fact that we may be homeless in Mexico our first night. Seeing as we are practically on welfare ourselves and probably couldn't afford a last-minute hotel room, we were fully planning on going to Sammy Hagar's club Cabo Wabo to see who we could drunkenly charm (read: con) into giving us a free hotel room. Of course all of this would be done while carrying our luggage and the bottle of Bombay and carton of Marlboros I got at Duty Free.

2. This past weekend I went home for a friend from high school's wedding. I'm getting a little nervous here because I'm 24 and I've already been to 4 weddings for people my age. I hope they know what they're doing because I can barely share a cab with someone let alone a life or whatever.

A testament to married life:

Blesus107: Hey Dad...I was calling to see what you want for Fathers Day.

Dad: Hold on, let me ask your mother...She says I want a Tommy Bahama shirt.

Blesus107: What?

Also, I'm' sick of the expensive gift registries. Since when are you in the position to demand All-Clad cookware from Williams-Sonoma? Last time I saw you we were eating Campbell's clam chowder out of tainted Glad-Ware and you weren't complaining a bit! Can someone please help out the broke singleton friends and register at some place like a dollar store or TJ Maxx.? Just kidding (but seriously is a McDonald's coupon okay?).

Further, since my friend's wedding had to compete with the Sea World-like conditions of this weekend both my flights were delayed. In fact, I was delayed in Connecticut because my flight, which was supposed to go to Philly before flying to Connecticut, was STRUCK BY LIGHTNING and had to be practically thrown away. Happy Spring!

3. My birthday is on Monday and my office will not be open. I will most likely be of a questionable mental state from Friday through Tuesday. Holla!

4. Picked up a cool CD today: Jenna G "For Lost Friends." If you like good riotous drum and bass you should check it out. Great to run to.

5. Also, seriously people c'mon.

That is all


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