Ode to Old Friends

Roommate and I just blew back into town after a 36 hour stint in New York. We went up there so I could say goodbye to a very good friend and help her celebrate her 27th birthday. We'll just call this friend Pantz. Spending the weekend with two of my most favorite friends - girls who I have spent the majority of my time with since moving to DC over 4 years ago - made me think about how great it is to be reunited with old friends. They know all the stories and they know all your quirks and they don't judge you for it. While I could talk about all the sentimental stuff like loyalty and uncoditional acceptance, instead I just want to talk about the random and funny incidences that can happen with old friends, and how comforting it is to know that you will never, ever be judged - no matter how ridiculous the sitatuation.

When girls get together, we tend to do a lot of shopping and this weekend was no different. As Roommate pointed out, only long time friends will share the world's smallest dressing room with you, and as you're smashed up against each other, help you put on the new clothes b/c you can't actually move enough to put them on by yourself.

During tremendous downpours, old friends will laugh at you when you keep slipping on the wet sidewalk in your flipflops and then hold you up like you are an elderly person who cannot walk independent of someone's arm and guidance. And then she'll still laugh at you.

You can always borrow an old friend's clothes and not lie to her about your size. Since she's been in the smallest dressing room in the world with you and helped dress you, she knows the real size of those jeans. And she'll tell you when you are making poor fashion decisions, even if its with her clothing.

When reminiscing, no matter how psycho you were once upon a time about an ex or how horribly you handled yourself one night at the bar or how embarrassing it was when you threw up in the alley next to Tortilla Cafe (I'm looking at you, Pantz!), old friends will always retell the story in a way that casts you in the best light - you were not psycho, the asshole deserved it when you called and hung up him 7 times in a 10 minute period; its not your fault you were a bad drunk, it must have been the allergy medication you took before you had 8 vodka tonics; you were not throwing up in the alley b/c of said 8 vodka tonics - you must have had food poisoning.

While discussion of these bodily functions is usually reserved for men, it must be said that its really nice to know that when you're drunk or hungover or neither, you can always fart, burp or hiccup in front of the old friends and they'll just laugh and say "Good one!" Yes, ladies do this, too fellas.

Only with old friends can you stop for an afternoon glass of wine and end up consuming 3 bottles at lightning speed and then proceed to hijack a pack of cigarettes from the girls - probably old friends, as well - at the next table.

Most importantly at this point in our lives, old friends will not judge you when you drop half a box of Q-tips in their toilet and flush them, causing the toilet to back up and then eventually overflow and so when you start throwing up from the previous night's shenanigans, they're ok with you using their kitchen sink.

I love my friends, old and new. Miss Pantz, though, holds a special place in my heart, especially b/c she is one of the least judgemental people I know and has remained a loyal and true friend despite incidences just as ridiculous, if not more, as described above. It was a great weekend with her in New York, and I will miss her terribly when I move to Spokane, even though her family lives there. But its not like I will ever see her b/c she has focus and stability issues and instead of going home for Thanksgiving or Christmas, she travels. Boo. If I have to live in Eastern Washington, so should she.


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