A Pirate's Booty

So, if this blog were a sea vessel carrying golden nuggets of intellectual wisdom, I would be on the rogue pirate ship that pulls up along side it. I wouldn't doing anything hostile, I would just ask the captain "Can I ride wit cha?"

As such, Captain Taylor has crowned me as a Spokompton 90210 "contributing editor." To some, my role is a bit unclear as 1) I am not currently in nor am I planning to attend law school 2) I have never been to Spokane 3) I'm not from the West Coast 4) I wasn't necessarily the biggest fan of 90210. Nonetheless, as one of Kelly's friends I promise to bring valid points and anecdotes to the table. Before you know it, we'll be family. Perhaps (when Kelly eventually moves to Spokane) I can be the Washington correspondent for this bi-coastal pairing.

Below is a list of other high-profile duos that have also contributed to American culture. Kelly and I will make it our goal to model ourselves after these trail blazers:

1. Martha and George Washington
2. Asheford and Simpson
3. Regis and Kelly
4. Dave Letterman and Paul Schafer
5. Bobby and Whitney (actually...bad idea, scratch that one)
6. Peas and Carrots
7. Ja Rule and Ashanti
8. Peaches and Herb
9. Vodka and breakfast
10. P. Diddy and Mase

Thanks again Kelly.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot Ike and Tina.

4:44 PM  

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