Random Thoughts

1. Why has metro been so frakkin slow this week? The floods were on Monday, and according to all news reports, they were cleared up by noon that same day. So why is metro still moving so slowly? On Tues, Wed and today, I've gotten on the train at Eastern Market and we've just sat there.....and sat there.....and sat there. Then we jerk along slowly to the next stop. And then we sit there. At about L'Enfant, I have whiplash and have almost fallen over 6 times. This game continues until we reach McPherson Square. Usually my commute takes me 25 minutes door-to-door. Its taken no less than 45 each day this week and I might have to start wearing a neckbrace. What's causing this?

2. Also, they need to hire "drivers"* who can form coherent sentences when speaking over the train intercom. Today my "driver" made some long announcement that sounded like "This train umgkdsjg'skgj'pwrug 'jnvkldnvckdjcnrium........thank you." Then everyone on the train looked around at each other and went "What?" Maybe he was telling us why we were sitting at each station for 6 hours but this is unconfirmed, as I don't speak Metro Gibberish.

3. When I left my office this afternoon and crossed the street to Franklin Square Park, I noticed a bus sitting in the middle lane of I Street, NW at a dead stop. There were passengers on board and the bus wasn't anywhere near a bus stop. Some cabs honked and went around it. I thought maybe it had broken down, but when I was walking back from the park it was still sitting there. I stared for a minute and then it drove halfway down the block, made its stop on the corner, picked people up and kept going. Is this WMATA's new way of keeping the bus on schedule?

4. I've just realized this whole post so far is about metro, so I guess its not that random.

5. I'm really sad that the World Cup hasn't been on for two days now. It was so great to have 2 games on per day, b/c its so much more fun to watch soccer than work. I'm really excited for the Germany-Argentina smackdown tomorrow. My boss isn't going to be in, so I am going to get a coffee, sit in his office with the door closed, and watch the game. I may make some phone calls, too. Obviously, none of them will be work related.

6. Monday is Blesus' birthday. We have many activities planned, including but not limited to a baseball game, a martini night and a party. Even though its a 4 day weekend, do you think it would be inappropriate to also take Wednesday off for recovery?

7. Speaking of martini night, is it ever smart to let your friends make your martinis? Once, Roommate and I did wine and martini night with two of our friends and we ended up at JR's and then Annie's Paramount Steakhouse. Anytime you end up at a gay bar and a gay diner that you didn't actually know existed in one night, you know your martinis were too strong. I'm afraid that if Blesus or the Turkish Delight make my martinis, someone may find me passed out in the middle of Dupont Circle sometime next Thursday.

*In this age of technology, does anyone actually drive the metro train anymore? I think the only reasons those people sit in the front near the controls is to make sure we stop if we're going to hit anything. Though, this "don't hit anything" rule doesn't apply to humans, b/c apparently metro assists in suicides on a regular basis.


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