Can't You Hold It?

Sorry that Blesus and I have been incommunicado for a few days. We had a rough weekend and are hoping to recap it soon for you all, but we still can't really think clearly through the haze of vodka, gin, wine and beer that has been settled over us for almost a week now.

But I had to drop by with this quick story. I was walking back from lunch to my office that is 2 blocks from the White House (ie the Center of the Universe) and a homeless man was peeing on one of the columns on the outside the building!!! I mean, I know sometimes you just gotta go, but couldn't he have just run across the street and peed in the park? Its not ideal, but probably a little more dignified than urinating on a column in front of a building with large windows and a lot of people walking by.

Then I walked into the building and was assaulted with an overpowering smell of Lysol Lemon Fresh Scent. Do we think the homeless man also peed INSIDE my building???

I bet this soooooooo does not happen in SpoKompton........


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