Friday Morning Observations

Today is my last day at work. I have next week off and plan on doing nothing more than sleeping in, laying by my friends' pool and *possibly* trying to get to the gym. Usually I am not very observant in the mornings during my commute. This could be for any number of reasons - I'm always still a little sleepy; usually I'm grumpy about the fact that I am actually expected to show up for the job I get paid to do; its humid; my hair is stuck to my face and I'm too focused on pulling it offf. But for whatever reason, I don't usually notice people or the random behavior going on around me. Today, however, I did.

- The first moment that struck me was when I realized that my Washington Post Express guy wasn't at the Eastern Market metro to hand out the papers!! I love this man. Every morning he says "Good morning, gorgeous" and hands me my paper. Starting the day off with a compliment is always so nice, and I'm sad I didn't see Express Man this morning, for my final commute in DC.

- There was a man on the metro who was caucasian, probably mid-40's, slightly pudgy, with a wrinkled suit (though, who can blame him in this weather?) wearing sunglasses and rocking out to 50 Cent on his iPod. It just wasn't what I expected.

- At Federal Triangle, a very good looking, probably mid-30's man got on the metro and walked straight to the doors opposite where he entered and started fixing his blonde McDremy-ish locks. I'm not talking running his hand through his hair. No, he set down his manbag, pulled out a comb, and started going to town on his 'do. It stayed in place pretty well and I was impressed until I noticed that there were several drops of sweat pouring off the ends. McDreamy he was not.

- On the 1/2 block walk from McPherson Square to my building, I encountered two interesting people. One was the guy (boy?), clearly an intern, who was skateboarding down the street on a longboard. Being from California, I am used to seeing people use their skateboards to get around, but I don't know that I've ever seen it in DC. This kid was careening down I Street like he owned the sidewalk and was clearly annoyed when he had to jump quickly off of his board to avoid running into the massive amounts of people crossing the street and walking up onto the sidewalk. Dude, this is DC. Pedestrians stop for no one. We'll run you over if we have to.

- The second interesting moment in the walk down to my building was the woman who was wearing a red evening gown. For a moment, I thought the most logical explanation was she was doing the walk of shame. But then I noticed her nicely styled hair, lack of mascara rings around her eyes, and super cute flats. She was also carrying a tote bag and what was clearly a work ID badge. Did I miss the new trend? Should I be wearing my college formal dresses to work every day?

I have a feeling this is just the start to what is sure to be a very weird last day of work. I have already told the people I work for that I will not be making copies, scanning anything, or answering phones. I plan to make this a leisurely day that will hopefully involve me getting out of the office to do some much-needed shopping at H&M. They're having a sale. Hopefully when I return, I will have some more stories of randomness to share.


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