Weekend Recap

Moved out of the apartment I shared with Roommate this past weekend. I am now staying with the married friends until I leave DC on Friday. Let me tell you, moving sucks. Its hard and it was hot and we were sweating and I am still so sore I could barely wash my hair this morning. Obviously, Saturday night I thought that instead of recovering from the move by sleeping I should go to The Lounge and get really drunk with Turkish Delight, Blesus, and others. On top of thinking that was a good idea, I also thought it was really smart to take all shots offered to me, even those comprised of brown alcohol. Needless to say, I was not feelng well on Sunday and Married Couple's male half may think I am the world's biggest lush. Its now 100 degrees and humid. Its my first day of "vacation." I'm considering going to the pool for a bit, but am worried that in Code Red weather, I may not come back alive. The other option is the gym. I think I will definitely head to the pool and face death.


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