Bean Sprouts

Did you know that bean sprouts cause food poisoning pretty regularly? Neither did I until I went down to the laundry room in my building and there were two elderly women there discussing that and many other random topics. These included dirt, casseroles, gardening, chalkboards, and some woman they know who is 90 and was just diagnosed with lung cancer. Apparently she's been a smoker her whole life and is only starting to show the negative effects of nicotine. This last fact was met with a lot of shock and awe. Oh, did I mention these women weren't actually doing laundry? They were just sitting in the laundry room. But I guess that's life in Spokompton.

I just wrapped up my first week of law school. Adjectives that come to my mind about this new experience: overwhelming, interesting, stressful, fun, and overwhelming. Some highlights from my week, in regards to both law school and the new hometown:

1)The scary civil procedure professor who I THOUGHT was cool but who gave me the death stare when I asked a question yesterday. You all know I am not easily intimidated, but she scares me to death. How was I supposed to know about permissive parties to joinder? It was my fourth day in law school!!!

2)The group of 5 people in my section (who may or may not be the trashiest people ever) who were literally yelling at people about the seating chart in crim law yesterday. Yes, we have seating charts, but its merely so the professor can locate people when he wants to humiliate them for not understanding the case law, no matter how many hours were spent trying to understand it.

3)The guy who told me and my new friend (I have 1 at this point) that if "you are not in a social group yet, you're pretty much screwed." I know he was being funny and he more than made amends for it today, but seriously. Am I in high school? Because I'm pretty sure I left that sh*t behind at good 'ol WGHS.

4)I've gone through almost an entire canister of coffee in one week. Well, or like a fourth of it, but that's a lot for me!!! I don't even LIKE Folgers!

5)I haven't gotten in bed before midnight any night except Wednesday. And then I have dreams about law school all night.

6)Apparently cat mutilation is a big problem in Eastern WA.

Tonight will consist of an outting with me and my 70 closest friends, ie my section. It should be a good time because there are some really cool people I've met this week who are going, but I also think that I am over the forced social situations. I wish I could fast forward like 10 weeks to where we're all more comfortable with each other and can have fun and not talk about the 7 thing we all have in common - torts, property, contracts, legal research & writing, criminal law, civil procedure and our complete lack of understanding of those 6 subjects.

If anyone needs me tomorrow, I'll be sitting here at home, doing homework.


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