I've Arrived!!

Here I am in Spokane, WA!! I have to say, its nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. My apartment is cute, my neighborhood (Brown's Addition) is adorable, I've seen three drive-thru Starbucks and I bought the most comfortable bed EVER. Oh, and I think I met a cute boy in my building. So far, so good.

I have lots and lots and lots of updates from the roadtrip, but I am about to head out to buy: a car, a shower curtain, some furniture, garbage bags and paper towels. Not necessarily in that order. But seriously, furnishing and stocking an entire apartment is expensive and stressful. I expect to spend at least 70% of my day trying to pick out plates and matching cups, b/c that kind of stuff is important when you are in law school. So, hopefully there will be some pictures and a longer version of the first roadtrip update soon. Stay tuned.......


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