Live From Riverton, Wyoming!!

Hello Friends!!! Roommate and I are coming to you from the Comfort Inn in lovely Riverton, Wyoming. But don't worry about us - we have Bud Light and Domino's Pizza. All the comforts of home!!

We can't really sum up the trip well without the accompanying photos and I don't have the patience to upload them right now, but here are a few highlights to wet your appetite for details:

Day 1: We called in a drunk driver in West Virginia and we were tricked into driving through the ENTIRE State of Ohio, where apparently its still cool to rock the confederate flag belt buckle.

Day 2: Spent whole day on a lake in Indiana.

Day 3: My God, Missouri sucks. Kansas sucks a little bit less, but its a close race.

Day 4: Three words - Prairie Dog Land. And we may be moving to Wyoming.

Tomorrow we're headed up to Yellowstone and then the Big Sky State of Montana. Look forward to more stories upon our arrival in urban America, Seattle, Wa.


Blogger Big Sky Girl said...

Enjoy Montana. You'll probably drive through my home town of Butte. Stop and get a fried pork chop sandwich, trust me on this, at Muzz and Stan's right off the Montana street exit of I-90. It's wonderfully white trash but tasty.

PS. Why would they like those belt buckles if Ohio was never a member of the Confederacy?

10:14 PM  
Blogger Kelly Taylor said...

You know, we were wondering about that, too!!! For a few reasons: 1)Ohio is in the North; 2)They were instrumental in the underground railroads; 3)THE CIVIL WAR IS OVER. Morons. Its amazing what's out there in the middle of America!

Montana was beautiful!! We enjoyed it as much as Wyoming!

4:47 PM  

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