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Can I drag this out any longer? After months and months of planning and hoping time would slow to an almost complete stop, I will finally be departing DC on Friday. Its a sad time for me, but I'm also excited about the upcoming *ahem* adventure in law school. I've spent much of the last few weeks saying goodbye to various friends and co-workers, which is kind of funny to me b/c I know I will see so many of these people soon. But saying goodbye, or "see you later!" as Roommate puts it, has caused me to reflect on some of my favorite memories in DC. Many of them can't be explained and will only be understood by those present for each of these events, but I thought I would make a list of them anyways.

- To start at the beginning, when I first moved here and didn't know any better, I lived in Virginia. And I lived in a group house where I SWEAR one of the other girls was a former mail order bride-turned-prostitute. What gave it away for me was one night when I was up late with friends in the living room and over the course of 3 hours, she brought 3 different men into the house. One time, after I moved out, I saw her at Sequoia and I hid. I think she didn't like me b/c I told the landlord I thought she was a prostitute and the landlord evicted everyone (I had already moved out. Sorry, everybody!)

- Then I moved out and still lived in Virginia. I lived with the world's messiest person ever and she never cleaned her room and one time I came home from work and the exterminator had been there and had found roaches nesting in her room. I moved out.

- Its really when I actually moved into the district that life became interesting. Roommate and I discovered that Cap Lounge was within walking distance of the apartment and proceeded to pick up the tab 3-4 times a week for people like we weren't making $26,000/year.

- For my first two years in DC I worked for a Congressman from my new home state of Washington. He is really cool, as is his staff. Except sometimes the constituents weren't too nice. Being from CA, they automatically hated me. One time, a group who had come in for a tour booed me. Literally. It went like this:
Constituent: "Where in WA are you from?"
Kelly: "Actually, I'm from California."
Entire group of constituents in loud voices and accompanying thumbs down:" BOOOOOO!!!!"

- Roommate used to have to park in the depths of the Thurgood Marshall building. One time we drove home after happy hour at the now-defunct Red River Grill (currently known as Union Pub. Has anyone actually been since it reopened?). Well, sometimes its hard to see the large cement column in the rearview mirror and Roommate bumped it ever so slightly. The result of the bump was a minor scratch on the back bumper, but being in our post-happy hour state, we completely freaked out and called Roommate's Sister in Australia. Yes, you read that correctly. Roommate's Sister and the Sister's boyfriend wanted us to send them a picture. Since we didn't have a digital camera at the time, I decided to use my exceptional artistic abilities to draw a sketch of the bumper. Since Roommate drives a Ford Escape, and I was drunk, the picture really is just a large square with some circles for tires and a squiggly line towards the bottom and an arrow pointing at it that says "All Dented In." When we scanned it in and emailed it to Sister and Sister's boyfriend the next day, they mercilessly made fun of us.

-The Washington State Society hosts a large party every year called Potlatch. The first year that I went, the dancing to the Tony Bennett/Frank Sinatra cover band was a little out of control. Pantz, who had worn a bright blue dress and was easily identifiable from anywhere in the ballroom, was being frantically spun by her partner. I looked up from my own dance party and saw her kneeling on the side of the dance floor, puking into a trash can.

- The next day, I had to drive to Annapolis with my parents and I threw up in a trash bag in the backseat. As Pantz would say, "Damn, we're classy."

- The time(s) that Roommate, Pantz and I would spend the night at River Road because we were too intoxicated to get home from the bar on our own.

- Wednesday night West Wing and pasta bake/tacos at River Road.

- Which was eventually replaced by La Lomita Taco Salad Night and Lost at 1233.

- There were these two guys I work with - also Washingtonians - who used to recite, word for word, the entire Jack Nicholson monologue from A Few Good Men while we were having Mail Parties.

- The time I went to work for the crazy Congresswoman from California who was so mean she used to make me cry every day. I think that was supposed to be a character-building experience or something, but I just really relish the day I hung up on her Joker-looking ass.

- All the bbq's at Calvert, minus the time I fell down the stairs.

- Also, I loved all of my birthday parties in DC, minus the time I fell out of a cab.

- One time I fell down while walking home with a boy. He said to me, "So, are you really embarrassed right now?"

- One time Roommate and I saw Sandra Day O'Connor at the Lincoln Memorial. Only in DC.

- My ex-boyfriend and I trying to make Thanksgiving dinner for the two of us. I dropped the turkey on the floor.

- My friend LamRad has a penchant for making obnoxious/hilarious comments in the cab on the way home from the bar. One time she told the driver she would pee in his backseat if he didn't drive faster. The other time, she was bringing home a guy who was too drunk to remember her name and she tried to push him out of the moving vehicle with her feet while I tried to hold the door open.

- Dance party at the Hawk N' Dove "club" with this really tall guy I know. I was trying to teach him and Roommate how to do the Electric Slide.

- When Best Party Friend came to visit.

- Sunday nights at JR's with the gay boyfriends.

- Ceiba/Sofitel/Willard with my mom, Roommate and the gay boyfriends. Many bottles of wine were consumed.

I could really go on and on and I'm sure that when I post this I will remember many more moments. So maybe there will be a round two.


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