Memories, Part Deux......

- Gold Cup 2003 for LamRad's birthday and the ghetto party bus we were in pulled over on the side of the road and every girl on board got off and lined up along the side of the highway to pee. Then we got back to Capitol Hill and the bus died - literally died!!! - the minute we pulled up to LamRad's house.

- Fourth of July 2004, which no one seems to remember.

- Kentucky Derby 2006 when Slacker friend threw up all over his madras print shorts and then we stumbled/fell our way down to Penn to get a cab at 4am. Those were not good times.

- Married Couple's wedding when I lost Roommate, accused some 19 year old of stealing her, and then found her passed out, fully dressed (with shoes still intact!!!) on the bed in our hotel room.

- Hurricane Isabelle - BEST. NIGHT. EVER. The entire staff of my Washington State office was at Lounge 201 for the K Street premiere and we all got the call at the same time that the office was closed the next day, due to the hurricane. I don't know if there's ever been another Wednesday night when I've been to Lounge 201, Cap Lounge, Tom Tom's and Heaven and Hell all in the same night.

- Power Hour with female half of Married Friends and River Road.

- When I fell down walking home to Porkchop's house one night and broke my finger.

- Election Nights 2002 and 2004. Neither carry really good memories, but the parties have always been fun when we thought our party actually had a chance at winning.

- Potlatch 2005 when Roommate and I got stuck at a table with all staff assistants and a lobbyist.

- The time I got so excited about Madonna's "Like a Prayer" that I threw my phone across the bar and it smashed into a wall and broke.

- March Madness 2006. Adam Morrison cried on the floor like a baby. Yes, I know I will be going to Gonzaga, but I loved being in a room of people who hate their basketball team as much as I do. Boo Hoo, Adam. BOO HOO!


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