Observations on Law School

Creative title, huh? Its the law school thing. It sucks all creativity out of me. I have none.

But I'm going to try, for the sake of a good post! Here are just some random law school musings I had today:

1)Why does it take a judge, like, 9 pages to say what he/she could say in 10 sentences? I wish they would just tell me what happened, who the plaintiff and defendant are, how they're going to rule and why. Also, if they could boil 7 of the pages down to really simple sentences, such as "In this case, I will apply the five factor reasonableness test to decide if the court has jurisdiction," that would make my life A LOT easier. This also applies to professors. Its taken one of my professors THREE WEEKS to get out one simple sentence that would have made my life and those of my peers A LOT simpler. I swear they do it on purpose.

2)Law school is just like high school. Cliques have formed. Gossip is spreading like wildfire. Yesterday I heard about some girl who likes this guy in my class, so she told one of his friends that she likes Guy #1 and asked Guy #2 if Guy #1 "ever mentions her." Oh PS - Girl and Guy #1 have never met. Maybe she should pass him a note in class.

3)Speaking of which, one of my friends and I type notes to each other in class. Its what I imagine life was like before IM. I guess we think we're undercover about it since we're typing on a large, blank Word document with no other words on it, rather than an IM screen?

4)Sometimes I like to come home when I get out of school or the gym and watch Oprah and/or soap operas depending on my reading load for the night. I find this to be completely acceptable.

5)The library isn't quiet. People talk all the time. I'm going to have to start taking my iPod with me b/c today I almost kicked a girl b/c she was talking so loudly and distracting me from a very important blog I was reading. Obviously, it was PerezHilton.com

6)People are totally willing to sell out their friends to look good to the professor. For example, say my Civil Procedure professor calls on Beth to answer question about a case. If she falters, even for half a second, her friends Frank, Joe, Liz and Betsy all have their hands up. And if they do get called on, its plain as day that they aren't trying to "help a sister out." Nope. They want to look better than the person who was called on. I told one of my friends today that if she ever gets called on and doesn't know the answer, I will not raise my hand b/c that's the kind of friend I am. (that would be a good friend, for those of you who are confused)

With those randim musings out in the blogosphere, I leave you now for even more civil procedure reading. Its totally what all the cool kids are doing.


Blogger lawsomnia said...


Meet Emanuel (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/search-handle-url/index=books&field-author-exact=Steven%20L.%20Emanuel&rank=-relevance%2C%2Bavailability%2C-daterank/104-6466306-0672757). His books are your friends . . . no more 10 page cases when you just want a five factor test.

For more useless advice: http://lawsomnia.blogspot.com/2006/07/pre-l-class-of-2009.html

9:04 PM  
Blogger Kelly Taylor said...

Thanks!! Believe me, I am good friends with Emanuel and Mr. Glannon. I stocked up before school even started. I'm just stubborn and for some reason think I am not smart if I don't actually read all the cases.....since its only week #3, I'm sure this will change soon.

9:25 PM  
Blogger The Boy said...

I hope the parties are a little good at least....

10:22 AM  

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