Washington DC's Worst Landlord

Now, as you all know, Blesus and I are careful to protect the identity of our friends and the people we encounter in our every day lives and subsequently write about on this blog.

Well, folks, the day has come where I suspend that practice. I haven't taken Constitutional Law yet (though I will next semester) and am unclear on the rules surrounding what does and does not constitute slander and defamation of character, but I'm willing to take a chance and officially out DC's worst landlord. Well, with a first name - Bob.

Bob is THE WORST LANDLORD in the entire District of Columbia. Oh, let me count the ways:
1)There was the time when Roommate and I went to Chicago for New Years. One wall of the kitchen had a leak. Apparently, the contractor Bob hired FIXED THE WRONG WALL and then painted over our lovely red wall.

2)There was the time that the sink didn't work for 2 years and it took me calling a plumber, who only worsened the problem, for us to get a new sink.

3)One time, the washer broke and leaked water ALL OVER the kitchen and it took Bob a week to 1)get us a plumber or 2)get us a new washer. Thanks, again, to Married Couple, who let me do laundry at their house for hours and hours.

4)He hired contractors to do work on our apartment, didn't tell us about it, and then gave them keys to our apartment and told them they could show up to work "whenever it was convenient for them." Imagine how awesome it was for me and Roommate to get home for the gym at 7pm and see that they were just getting started on pulling up carpet/sanding wooden steps/laying tile/being generally annoying. They would work until at least 10pm every night. We love them.

5)Remember that leak that we had? I think its still there.

6)The bathroom sink broke. Still not fixed.

7)The tiles fell out of the shower. Still not fixed.

8)Roommate's bedroom ceiling leaked. Never fixed.
9)Whenever we call Bob, he either hangs up on us when he hears our voices, lies to us, pretends he can't hear us ("Hello??" "Hello?"), or is an all-around asshole who is generally annoyed with actually having to do work on the piece of crap apartment we lived in.

10)We moved out of the apartment on August 1 and gave Bob PLENTY of notice. We are still waiting to hear about our deposit. I am now threatening him with DC Housing and am tempted to throw my Property professor into the mix (she graciously offered to help all of us with "any housing issues we may encounter" here in Spokane.....I'm SURE she wouldn't mind brushing up on DC housing laws).

This is just a word to the wise. If you ever encounter a man named Bob who is a landlord somewhere near 12th and C SE, I suggest you stay away. Nothing will ever get fixed. He won't respond to your emails. He won't answer your calls. He won't give you your deposit back. To end with the mantra that Roommate and I adpoted over the 3 years we lived there, "Bob Sucks!"


Anonymous Sean Robertson said...

I think I live about a block away from you. 202 12th st. LOL. My landlord's name is George and he's actually doing a heckuva job. ;)

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know how bad some of your prblems were, but whinning over it taking a week to get a washing machine fixed really takes away all your credibility on this matter.

What is a "broken sink"? Do you mean it broke into pieces? Did YOU break it?

I've had a lot of tenants. Many have stopped up the plumbing with all kinds of things -- like shoes. But none have ever broken the sink. If I had a tenant that distructive - I'd get rid of them.

6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You think that is bad? honestly you sound a little spoiled. Of course I am predjudiced being a landlord and all, and I do try to do better than your guy but I have seen tenents turn places into slums and try to get away with all sorts of crap including threatening behaviour.

8:35 PM  
Blogger Kelly Taylor said...

To Anonymous 1 and 2 - we were actually very clean, took great care of the place, and tried not to get too overzealous with our requests to get things fixed. We've never stuck shoes in the sink!!

And actually, the sink seriously didn't work. Like, it dripped water when you had it all the way on. It was awful. We had to get used to the taste of leftover dishsoap b/c it was impossible to ever get all of it off of the dishes!

I can totally understand both of you being a little prejudiced bc you are landlords. I'm sure you are both fantastic to your tenants. Unfortunately, our guy was - and continues to be - worthless.

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Give me a break said...

Wow. I didn't realize they still made people as petty as you. Obviously, you haven't been around many dc apartments because you fail to mention problems with rats, broken elevators, robberies--and those are at the luxury apartments.

But I have to wonder--if he was so awful/the worst in DC, why did you stay for three years? Yeah, that's what I thought. Your idiocy (just the kind of unlevelheaded lawyers we need more of) fails to realize your own contradiction. I guess you stayed there because the rent was very cheap. You get what you pay for -- and even if you had paid more, those minor, tiny problems you bitch about would have been there.

And, wow, you're going to bring your law professor in on the action. Real mature. What are you 12?

I am not a landlord, I have never met you, and I have no interest in posting these comments other than to point out that you should keep your childlike thoughts inside your head. There are plenty of true slumlords in DC and your insistence that this is Washington DC's worst is beyond laughable.

I've read some immature blogs in my time, but this definitely takes the cake. Run along now and prepare for your exams so that, one day you can say "I'm a lawyer and I'm going to sue you if you don't do exactly what I want" to the dry cleaning man, the car wash attendee, the restaurant waiter, and the contractor who comes--the horror!--at 7 pm when you come back from the gym.

Grow up.

12:22 AM  
Blogger Kelly Taylor said...

Give Me A Break, just a little PS for you - if you don't want to read my thoughts, don't read the blog. You people are taking this WAY too seriously. Obviously I know that we had it a lot better than a lot of people in DC, but its my blog and I can complain if I want to. And you're the one calling names, not me. In my mind, that makes you the immature one.

9:27 AM  

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