Madame Speaker!!!!

Yesterday was a great day. Not only did Dems take the house, but they took it by a bigger margin than expected!! Last I saw this morning, we had picked up 27 seats, with several still remaining to be decided. Nancy Pelosi is about the become the first female Speaker of the House. Conservatives such as John Hostettler, Clay Shaw, Chris Chocola and Richard Pombo are out, getting their asses handed to them in races that weren't even close. And my favorite Senator of all time, Rick Santorum, lost by such a huge margin that I'm surprised to hear that he even campaigned!! My girl Claire McCaskill beat Jim Talent, who I consider to be the next-scummiest man alive (behind Santorum, of course). The only sad moment for me was Harold Ford Jr's loss in the TN Senate race - but I take comfort in knowing that that man has big things ahead of him and we haven't seen the last of him on the national political scene.

So what happens now? I suppose waiting on the results in VA and MT is going to get boring after awhile. I wonder if each state will have as many recounts as FL '00 or WA Gov '04? I love having to wait months to know the balance of the Senate (Or in the case of '00, who the President is). Apparently recounts are officially part of the modern election. Someone's going to need to do something about that. I suggest that Sens. Burns and Allen just give up. Burns can go to jail where he belongs and Allen can go ride horses and throw around racist slurs to his little heart's content.

Yes, its a good day. Look forward to more gloating as conservatives like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh start citing a Clinton Conspiracy to take over the world as being responsible for last night's victory. I mean, it couldn't just be that Americans are tired of the hateful, ignorant, corrupt Republicans that were running the show, could it????


Anonymous rmatthews said...

You are frickin' hilarious.
Bravo about Peloski; it figures that a woman from the Bay Area would be the first...that lady is bad ass.
Ok so I just stumbled on your blog...bored at my place over break...and realize (based on your loving description of crim., and your analysis of the backstabbers who help us out in class) you're probably in one of my classes ~ section three?
Well again - word up, and i too am waiting for the limbaugh response (as he loves femi-nazi's like myself)

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